Saxony-Anhalt is well-connected with over 5,000 kilometers of cycling routes. Some long-distance cycle paths, such as the Unstrut Cycle Path and the Elbe Cycle Path, pass through Saxony-Anhalt. The Unstrut Cycle Path starts in Thuringia and ends in the cathedral city of Naumburg, running through the southern region of Saale-Unstrut in Saxony-Anhalt. There's plenty to discover during tours through the vineyards, such as the site where the Nebra Sky Disc was found. On the Himmelsscheibenradweg (Sky Disc Cycle Path), you can follow the path from the discovery site to the place where it is now kept in Halle. A section of the Saale Cycle Path also runs through the Saale-Unstrut wine region, all the way to the confluence of the Saale and Elbe rivers. Along the Saale River, you'll find numerous castles, fortresses, and ruins perched on hills and slopes. On the Elbe Cycle Path, you'll pass through the state capital, Magdeburg. The route continues through the Altmark region, the Hanseatic cities of Tangermünde and Havelberg, and the biosphere reserve known as the "Elbe River Landscape."
The Altmark region is characterized by rural tranquility and numerous small Hanseatic towns such as Stendal, Salzwedel, and Seehausen. Travelers are enticed with peace, relaxation, and deceleration. The expansive heath landscapes of the Altmark offer cozy tours, where villages with Romanesque buildings alternate with the Elbe landscape. The Altmark Circular Route, in particular, invites visitors to explore the region over several days.
During Walpurgis Night, witches and devils conquer the Harz Mountains, heralding the arrival of spring. However, this central German mountain range can be experienced at any time of the year. For mountain bikers, the Harz is a true natural adventure, especially within the Harz National Park. The steep climbs are challenging but reward riders with breathtaking views of the forested heights of the Harz. Cycling tours can lead to the highest peak in the Harz, the Brocken, standing at 1,141 meters.

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