Bavaria is known for its spectacular landscapes, ranging from the Alps to river valleys and forests. The range of cycling tours in Bavaria is diverse, from leisurely rides along the rivers Danube, Isar, Main, and Altmühl to challenging mountain tours near Berchtesgaden. The high alpine mountain landscape with the impressive Watzmann and the Königssee is famous as a film backdrop.
In Upper Bavaria, the metropolis of Munich invites visitors not only to the Oktoberfest. Upper Franconia, located at the Main River, is at the top of Bavaria. With the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bamberg, the Wagner city of Bayreuth, and the medieval city of Coburg, Upper Franconia boasts equally beautiful cities as other regions in Bavaria.
The Christkindlmarkt in Nuremberg, located in the heart of Middle Franconia, is world-famous. The old town, with its medieval Imperial Castle, attracts tourists throughout the year. For those who prefer the Baroque period over the Middle Ages, a visit to Ansbach is recommended.

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