Schleswig-Holstein - the land between the seas - with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the east, and in between, vast flatlands. With 13 developed long-distance cycling routes and numerous regional routes, the northernmost state offers plenty for cyclists. However, be prepared, as it can get quite windy up in the north. On the bright side, if you're doing a round trip, you'll have a tailwind on one leg of the journey.
Heading towards the North Sea, you'll pass through the flat marshlands and geest landscapes. Towards the Baltic Sea, you'll encounter the steep cliffs and the lake landscapes of the Holstein Switzerland region. The Ochsenweg (Ox Road) or the Old Salt Road will take you right through the inland region. From coast to coast, the North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal Route leads from Brunsbüttel through Rendsburg to Kiel. It's hard to go the wrong way as the routes are well signposted. If you're looking for something other than straight paths, the regions offer suitable circular and day tours.
For those looking for a longer journey, starting from Flensburg, you can ride along the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route in Schleswig-Holstein, passing through Eckernförde, Kiel, and all the way to Lübeck.
In the far west, the North Sea Coast Cycle Route in Schleswig-Holstein runs from the Danish border to Hamburg. The tour takes you through Nordfriesland and Dithmarschen, passing by the Wadden Sea National Park. Along the way, you'll come across the coastal town of Husum, which is no longer the "gray town by the sea" as the poet Theodor Storm once described his hometown. From Nordstrand or Dagebüll and Büsum, it's just a short hop on the ferries to the Halligen and North Frisian Islands such as Föhr, Amrum, and Sylt.

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