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Here's what you can save: money, CO2 emissions, microplastics and gym time.
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Traveling by bike
– the app at your side

Discover new bike tours and attractions with Biketour.Guide. Plan your personal route - available on iOS and Android.

Save money and enjoy

Can you imagine how much microplastics you can save if you drive less? The SteigUm-Calculator will tell you. Microplastics burdens nature and wildlife. Avoid creating it and help the environment by biking.

Everyone is talking about CO2 emissions. Don't talk about it, reduce it yourself. It's in your hands. Switch to your bike! Our SteigUm-Calculator shows you how many kilograms of CO2 emissions you can save each year. Incidentally, one tree reduces 10kg of CO2 emissions. How many trees would need to be planted to neutralize your annual CO2 emissions? The SteigUm-Calculator also shows you this.

Getting in shape without going to the gym - that's what you'll get if you don't drive your car to work every day. On the bike you get fresh air and exercise for free - without time and money for the gym.